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Recently, Westfield Centro approached SESSIBON to organise a fashion event. Their explicit request was that – contrary to what is usual – in addition to focusing on the brands, this time the focus should also be on the fashion trends for the season. Together, we sat down at the drawing table for a brainstorming session and looked at what practical conditions we needed to take into account. From there, we made an outline of what the event should look like, resulting in a unique new concept.

To think from a fresh perspective
We decided to communicate a number of trends that are promising and hot. With these trends, we provided the audience with concrete inspiration in addition to the experience of the event.

From Moodboard to collection
In our approach, we summarised a dozen fashion trends in moodboards. Based on these moodboards, we contacted the (multi)brand stores in Centro and, based on these moodboards, they put together collections expressing the trends.
In doing so, the stores could rely on our support and advice from our team. In addition, they were given the opportunity to think along with trends themselves. Apart from the fact that sparring with professionals is great fun and gives a lot of energy, it is also inspiring. For us, it is a valuable by-product in early project planning.

A project design characterised by innovation and efficiency
One of our core qualities, born from the experience of hundreds of events over the past 20 years, is the way we know how to translate our client’s wishes into a practical concept. Concepts that are both innovative and efficient and take into account limiting factors that initially seem to be a game-changer. For this event, for instance, we decided to use a compact and all-white 4x4m setup surrounded by trusses. In the set-up, we positioned a wall composed of white panels interspersed with LED tiles, which allowed us to enable any desired projection and decor. Furthermore, we placed blocks to allow some dynamics in the models’ choreography as well. Combining this with perfect lighting and the right music gave each (multi)brand store its own identity. And all controlled by just one operator. This is what we at SESSIBON call a FLASH concept.

“ This is what we at SESSIBON call a FLASH concept.

There’s no business like show business
This set-up made it possible to display every trend in detail. A great gimmick is that we could also use the LED tiles to communicate logos and texts as well as appropriate images of materials, patterns and atmospheres. The white panels caught the coloured light that eventually formed a perfect backdrop for a trend display. This is how you show a trend, tell a story and create atmosphere and experience, and thus appeal. A popular return on investment for shopping centres.

Diversity in relation to the model group
Last but not least. Sessibon has an extensive network of models. We intentionally choose not to provide the standard profile of a model with ‘the perfect measurements’ but to deploy a credible and diverse group of models. We believe that when the group of models is a reflection of the relevant target group, it is easier for the audience to identify with the trend. At Sessibon, we have an eye for detail; we leave nothing to chance.


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