A+A Fashion Show

16 shows in a week. 13 brands specialising in workwear. And those who thought workwear is straightforward are wrong. During the A+A, the world’s largest trade fair in the field of safety and health at work, the catwalk played an important role during the exhibition programme. At the request of the A+A’s organisers, Sessibon produced a dazzling show.

Workwear you can be proud of to wear
The general image surrounding workwear is mainly focused on the extra protection it should provide for specific work. We often associate workwear as somewhat unflattering and with a uniform fit. Nothing could be further from the truth. Things like fit and comfort have improved enormously in recent years. A great challenge for Sessibon to contribute to changing this old-fashioned way of thinking about workwear.  


Deep Dive into the brands’ DNA
Besides fit and comfort, the brands have an eye for much more than that. Each brand has a unique DNA that manifests itself in their USPs. These include things like circularity and sustainability, but also their commitment to charity. All things that characterise a brand and create attraction towards their target group. And that is something you obviously want to show during the show. 

“Our dazzling show changes the common perception around workwear

Translating DNA into a dazzling show
A first step in making that translation is to delve deeper into the brand’s DNA. To this end, we held talks with the brands’ contact persons and the corporate identity elements were transferred to us. The creative process that followed combined visuals, music, text fragments and choreography to convey the brand story in a storytelling-like way. For instance, the concept of circularity was expressed in the choreography in particular and the colour schemes of collections were seamlessly incorporated into the visuals on the LED wall.  


Sustainable content use in relation to our sister companies  
One of Sessibon’s USPs is that we pay attention to sustainable content use. With every production, we therefore take the extra step of thinking with our clients about the possibilities of reusing produced content and using it as efficiently as possible. For instance, video recordings of the shows can be edited afterwards for further use on other channels later on. Finally, it is even possible to make use of our on-demand streaming platform snetch that allows for direct commercial results from content production with a click. For our clients, it is a convenience that, with the help of our sister companies, we can provide all the facilities to offer them a one-stop-shopping solution. 






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