Van de Velde

If, like Van de Velde, you are looking for the face for your brand, literally and figuratively everything has to be right. In other words, the brand identity must be captured in a model. 

Van de Velde approached us to look for a model that will give personality to campaigns and communications for the long term. Van de Velde owns the lingerie brands Marie Jo, Prima Donna Andrés Sardá, as well as operating the retail chains Lincherie, Rigby & Peller, Intimacy and Private Shop and has its own shops in Germany and France.

Brand identity
To make the right match, you need to know exactly what the brand stands for and what it wants to convey in its communication and branding. Especially when it comes to a long-term cooperation, you need to look beyond the obvious. External communication is only credible if an authentic overall picture is created. Van de Velde has a clear vision around female power. It is precisely this message that the model must be able to convey.

Extensive model database
Sessibon has an extensive model database. We also have a broad network of agencies with which we work intensively. So we are like a spider in the web, arranging casting for our clients. Our long career in the industry means we can provide our clients with a suitable selection of opportunities at short notice. Then it depends on the client’s taste. In this way, we give our clients full scope for their own input during the selection process.

“ Especially when it comes to a long-term cooperation, you need to look beyond the obvious

The perfect match
Van de Velde chose Donna Ubags years ago. Donna started at Sessibon at a young age. Since then, she has developed tremendously as a model and model coach, and is regularly asked by other brands.

Naturally, Donna’s number of followers on her socials is growing rapidly. A nice bonus for a brand like Van de Velde. It is perhaps the perfect example of a customer case where the development of the model gradually ‘grows’ with the brand. In short, Donna fulfilled exactly what Van de Velde was looking for.


Van de Velde




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