Open application

About four times a year we organise a Meet & Greet. During these introductory meetings, we throw our doors wide open to meet new professionals and models. Our Meet & Greets are usually crowded and visited from far and wide. 

Warm welcome 

During the Meet & Greet, the good vibe is noticeable in our studio. Characteristic of Sessibon is our warm and friendly welcome. Upon entering, everyone is registered and we ask about practical matters such as portfolio. If there is any tension on the faces at all, it usually disappears quickly. That is what makes Sessibon unique.  

 Meet & Greet something for you as well 
The participants in the Meet & Greet are diverse and know how to find Sessibon through different ways. Sometimes it is as a result of a show, a chance acquaintance or a recommendation or referral via Instagram. Some participants are familiar with modelling, others are still relatively inexperienced. Experience is not strictly necessary. Nor is an elaborate portfolio. In these situations, our opportunities to participate in a catwalk training or portfolio shoot offer a solution. 

 What to expect 
A casting at Sessibon happens with ease. We are genuinely interested in you and your dreams. We are honest with you. We indicate what you could possibly improve and how best to go about it. As a fully-fledged content partner, who also makes additional photo and video productions in addition to the well-known shows and events, we can then properly indicate which of Sessibon’s assignments you are eligible for.  

 Follow-up steps 
If the meeting shows that there are opportunities to work together in the future, we will immediately sign you up during this Meet & Greet. For up-and-coming talent, we will also consider whether it is desirable to participate in catwalk training or a portfolio shoot and reserve a spot for the next opportunity. 

Then keep an eye on our socials. You can also contact us via our website and we will keep you informed via our newsletter. See you soon! 

Join our crew

Do you have what it takes? We are always on the lookout for new talent to join the SESSIBON team. Are you an (aspiring) model or professional? Then let us know by clicking the button below.