Influencer Battle

The optimal mix between offline and online. Talented influencers compete with each other to become the blogger or vlogger of your shopping centre or for your brand. This innovative ‘blog battle’ eventually leads to a real ambassador.

This concept is customisable for every client. Ideal for Fashion, but also great for beauty and food: ‘mommy blogger’, ‘food blogger’ or ‘beauty vlogger’: everything is possible. By working with different rounds, you can even perfectly manipulate the duration of the event, and you’ll be provided with content for a long time to come.

The participants get different challenges, like a shopping assignment, for instance: they must find the best must-haves within a limited budget or timespan, and following that, they write a blog, after which they’re judged on creativity, style and language. When devising the assignments, we consider current themes for the shopping centre that perfectly match the target group, shopping offer and need.

“ The optimal mix between offline and online

All bloggers/vloggers are carefully screened. In addition, by means of an interactive voting round, fans of the shopping centre can become actively involved in selecting their favourite blogger/vlogger. The ultimate winner(s) is the perfect ambassador; someone who can commit to creating content, sharing personal must-haves, highlighting events and presenting the latest trends for a longer period of time. This creates durable content that can be used for a longer period of time within the marketing plan.


City of Hasselt, Entre Deux Maastricht & Médiacité Luik in collab with Zandbeek, Rheinpark Center Neuss, Forum City Mülheim




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