Micro Influencer Contest

Visibility and content creation are inextricably linked. Staying top of mind requires a fair amount of activating content. So it is constantly a challenge to create stimulating and distinctive content within budget. Sometimes it is not a bad idea to temporarily outsource it for inspiration. Schloss Arkaden Heidenheim, for example, asked if we had any ideas to fill their ‘content box’. Sure!

Modern Marketing
The marketing landscape is constantly changing. Numerous trends alternate at a rapid pace. Trends that make an impact and trends that ultimately fail. Sessibon’s strength is in instantly recognising trends that have the potential to be of value to the fashion industry.

Targeted 1+1=3 content
Content can only be effective if it is also embraced by the target audience. Sessibon came up with a concept that involves scouting influencers from the community through a sign-up and election, and using their natural buying behaviour to get them to spread content through both the mall’s and their own channels. Combining the power of micro influencers and authentic content creation is typical of Sessibon’s working method. Continuously seeking the space and potential off the beaten track.

“ Content can only be effective if it is also embraced by the target audience

Trendy content that appeals
The influencers all received 500 euros a month in shopping budget. The intention was to post about it on the socials every time the budget was used. In this way, the monotonous timelines on the various social media platform transformed into vibrant and colourful information streams with energy and appeal.

Budget-friendly content
Marketing budgets are under pressure and quality content comes at a price. Daring to co-create with your own community kills several birds with one stone. This way, the content is authentic, connects well with the target group and is totally contemporary. Sessibon creatively and budget-friendly short-circuits the preconditions for effective content!


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