European Bridal Week

European Bridal Week | Over the past ten years, European Bridal Week has evolved into the biggest international trade show in northern Europe, bringing together buyers and exceptional brands from around the world in Essen, Germany.

During this 10th edition, we as SESSIBON were again the partner for the production of the fashion shows. From the preliminary stage, where we contributed to the technical concept and interviewed the brands, to the production of the fashion shows, we were closely involved in this anniversary edition.

We brought the brands’ stories to life in the fashion show theatre by combining elements such as visuals, lighting, music, choreography and performances. This resulted in a complete experience. A common reaction from visitors to this bridal fashion show was “goosebumps all over”.

During the preparation phase, we had frequent contact with the organisation to create the perfect setting for this anniversary edition. Our creative team had several meetings with the brands to gather all input and translate their story to the catwalk.

“Celebrating Difference in Bridal Fashion

The title of this edition, Celebrating Difference, reflects the ever-changing bridal world. Naturally, this had to be reflected in the choice of models. In a multibrand show, the models have to be suitable for 14 brands, which poses a challenge. A challenge we gladly accepted, as our own database offers the perfect opportunity to book a diverse selection of models. Experienced catwalk models who know how to show off a wedding or cocktail dress and perform as if it were the best day of their lives.

The best entrepreneur surrounds himself with the right people. Models are an important ingredient for a successful catwalk, but equally important, maybe even more important, are the people behind the scenes. The creators, the ones who make the shit happen! During the EBW, many disciplines are present and the team of creators is even bigger than the number of models.

Director, showcaller, choreographer, stylist, hair and make-up artist, VJ, DJ, lighting operator, videographer, photographer and not forgetting the backstage assistants, experienced fitters who make sure models have the next dress perfectly on within three minutes.

Our team of show professionals makes us a true one-stop shop.


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