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Topsport Gala Amsterdam

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Heroes must be cherished. This initiative of Topsport Amsterdam and the municipality is intended to honour the best athletes of Amsterdam.

During the Topsportgala Amsterdam, multiple parties collaborate in creating a single production. As commissioned by Flowburo, all individual facets are be brought together and we create a running order that accounts for each and every second, so the crew of technical partner Heuvelman knows exactly what will happen at each moment. The Flowburo works with young organisational talents who participate in various productions to gain experience in the field.
SESSIBON serves as director at the Topsportgala Amsterdam and form the link between technology, performers, hosts and, of course most importantly the athletes, coaches, talents and teams. We cue the music, videos and light, and perfectly guide the hosts through the show via talk back, so the athletes can enjoy their well-deserved applause.

SESSIBON instructs the on-site crew with a professional event director and show caller. We feel responsible for the result and contribute to the event's success.


Heuvelman Techniek, Topsport gala Amsterdam



2018 12 Ssb Sportgala 2
2018 12 Ssb Sportgala 1
2018 12 Ssb Sportgala 3
2018 12 Ssb Sportgala 6
2018 12 Ssb Sportgala 5
2018 12 Ssb Sportgala 4

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