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Ronald Kolk

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Ronald Kolk is a Dutch couturier from Amsterdam. He and SESSIBON have been partners for many years. In 2018, Kolk organised his grand show in Huis ter Duin in Noordwijk and SESSIBON helped him create a fashion show to present his latest collections.

Over the years of collaboration, many special themes have made an appearance: Every time, Kolk let his creativity run free and SESSIBON translated this into feasible productions. These high-end fashion shows were entirely based on a particular theme, creating a synergy between the collection, music, visuals, choreography, performances, etc. Together with all partners involved, we worked towards one joint goal: to create an experience that would invite the audience into the world of Kolk.

Together, we came up with concepts for various shows, provided the choreography, show calling and direction, and worked with acts such as LA the Voices, Sofia Wezer and Mathilde Santing. The haute couture productions of Kolk have always been special and we are very grateful for this long-term collaboration.


Ronald Kolk



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