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Suddenly, at the start of 2020, safely organising a fashion show seems outside of the realm of possibilities. The restrictions during these challenging times may cost you offline capacity in terms of visitors, but with our hybrid solution, you will gain online opportunities. SESSIBON can do that. In fact, SESSIBON did it and reached thousands of people with the Livestream Fashion Show.

Through a countdown, the audience is kept in a state of excited anticipation. 30...29... Only half an hour till the start of La Bottega's hybrid event. Both offline for a small audience - in compliance with safety measures - as well as online for a big audience. 22...21... A team with various cameras is responsible for switching image direction, ensuring the best coverage of the event. 16...15... During the countdown to the catwalk, the event partners are introduced. La Bottega, Chapeau Magazine and Kevin Murphy, among others, get a lot of exposure during a promo before the event - and interviews afterwards. The captured images can be used in numerous ways. Now as well as in the future in social media campaigns. 9...8... The show is not just broadcast by participating partners, but also by affiliated channels. Even before the live moment, the fashion show can be viewed by a totally new audience through a live stream on various online channels. 3...2...1... GO!

Thanks to SESSIBON, the entire project runs smoothly. Show calling, choreography, script, camera crew, image direction: you name it. Within an hour, the venue is transformed into a catwalk. The meticulous preparation of the SESSIBON crew and an extensive broadcast of the show will ensure the creation of quality content for your business, both before and after the show.

The SESSIBON livestream attracted three times the average number of online audience for the Hasselt boutique. Make your event a hybrid event with SESSIBON!


La Bottega, Hasselt (Belgium)




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