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Fashionclash has been filling Maastricht with fashion for no less than ten years. The interdisciplinary showcase platform offers a stage for young designers and modelling talents. With multiple shows in multiple days, it now reaches to the other side of the world. SESSIBON has been a valued partner for this fashion event since the very beginning.

The SAM Decorfabriek in Maastricht is the stage for this non-commercial show production for carefully selected upcoming designers and artists. Names such as Alessandro Trincone, George Styler, Barbara Sanchez Kane, Marlou Breuls, Ivana Pilja and Jeff Montez colour the runway. As every year brings unique stage and decor designs, entirely fitting into a theme, SESSIBON is given the task of creating a single experience from all these different shows. SESSIBON makes everyone feel good, including the over 100 models and performers.

Fashionclash fills the programme and SESSIBON ensures that the entire event goes smoothly. Running order, registrations, hair and make-up, show calling, choreography: everything is taken care of. The designer gives his or her input and the team of choreographers uses this input to create the perfect show.
It's important that each party has the freedom to express their creativity and exude identity.
Fashionclash start working on the puzzle and SESSIBON finishes it, so Fashionclash don't have to worry about the production.

Additionally, the event is a crucial part of Maastricht's city marketing. Which certainly wouldn't be a fashion city without Fashionclash. And Fashionclash wouldn't be Fashionclash without SESSIBON. A partnership to be proud of.


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