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European Bridal Week

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Step into our world. Is there no suitable space? SESSIBON will simply create space itself. In order to create the ultimate experience in one of the large halls of the Messe Essen, a complete black box has been built.

A frame of trusses, measuring 16 x 26 square metres, is hoisted into the ceiling, from which hang black back drops and canvas. In the same construction, various strips of LED panels are put up at varying depths, which in turn create an intriguing setting. The catwalk is covered with a lacquered floor. The floor's reflective surface optically doubles the space and the collection.

Participants are interviewed so that we can create the desired atmosphere for the brand. In doing so, the SESSIBON team submerses itself into the DNA of a brand, so that they're able to find the right visuals, music and styling that form a perfect match with the brand concerned. For example, Sincerity, where romantic classics fit well, while Lilian West calls for more boho vibes. The black box can be used for brand shows and multi-brand shows. The music and decor charges for every participant according to his or her identity.
With the help of two live cameras, details of the collection are enlarged and are streamed to the LED wall by the VJ to ensure that the USPs of a collection can also be shown to the audience.


European Bridal Week by United fairs



2018 Ssb Ebw 5

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