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Commercial De Barones

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Shopping centre De Barones in Breda from the in-house studio of SESSIBON.

This commercial clearly shows how a small idea can be used in a grand way. During a shop & win promotion, the visitors of the shopping centre can enter a glass cubicle filled with colourful balls. Those balls are kept up in the air by means of high pressure, until the pressure suddenly drops and the contestant must catch as many balls as possible to win prizes... But stock material for these kind of campaigns must be customised, of course!

SESSIBON creates this setting in-house with models in festive clothes and in all emotions to promote the retail activation campaign.

Multiple GIFs, photo shoots, a making-of film and a promotional film. In collaboration with HOUTvideo, SESSIBON makes a visual campaign that can be used across multiple media styles.


De Barones, FPW Communicatie



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