JBC Brand Event

Over one thousand visitors. A show crew of nearly 100 people. One hour. The JBC Brand show is an inspiring and festive presentation of the latest collection from JBC for all its employees.

This isn’t just a fashion show; it’s custom storytelling. All employees have been invited to come to the club. Upon arrival, the right experience within the theme is immediately provided and the employees are treated to a bite and a drink. Prior to the show, the management informs the employees, in an inspiring manner, about figures and targets. During the show, the collections are subsequently divided into categories and the models represent all JBC target groups. The individual collections together form one story and one main experience for the audience.

“ This isn't just a fashion show; it's custom storytelling

The JBC brand show is such a major feel-good party that even the models join in the festivities at the end. The employees go home filled with energy, motivation and inspiration, and this presentation method enthuses the employees with regard to the collection and pride in their company.






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