Authentic images for your company

Rebranding at the forefront: The start of a fresh look 

At BPV Accountants and Tax Consultants, a company with more than 40 employees specialising in accountancy and tax consultancy, a re-branding was on the agenda for 2024. Among other things, the decision for a new website meant that SESSIBON was called in to create authentic content that could be used for multiple purposes.

Authentic imagery: A vision of its own 

BPV’s approach to their website and other communications is remarkable. Instead of using generic imagery, they opted for authentic photos taken within the walls of their own offices in Geleen and Roermond. This decision emphasises the company’s authenticity and personal approach. 

Cooperation: Morres & Company and SESSIBON

The realisation of this project was made possible by a collaboration between several creative parties. Morres & Company, responsible for the new branding, provided a strategy and the necessary colour palette after which SESSIBON organised the photo shoots from A to Z. 

More than just photos: A story in pictures 

The photo shoot was not just another day of shooting. Every detail, from the employees’ clothing to the overall atmosphere and location, was carefully planned. This ensured that each photo was not just an image, but told a story in line with BPV’s vision and values. In addition, all BPV employees were photographed individually at Studio Radium during a separate event, with the SESSIBON team providing styling and coaching. In this way, continuity is also offered so that when new colleagues arrive, they are photographed in the same setting and consistency is provided. 

A successful result: BPV is ready for the future  

The end result of this collaboration is a series of images that perfectly match BPV’s new identity. These images will thus be used for the website, but will also be used for other channels such as social media and newsletters, making a long-term impact on the company’s branding. 


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